Wet Cargo


Some cargo needs to be classified as Wet Cargo, as it contains liquid, emits liquid or by nature may produce liquid.  This can be all types of liquids, frozen or fresh meat/fish, live animals, and any goods producing liquid. Below are the important notes you need to ensure we will transport your Wet Cargo properly and deliver it in its expected condition. These types of cargo are classified as wet cargo:

  • Liquid in watertight containers
  • Wet substances not packed in watertight containers: fresh or frozen meat, wet hides and skins etc…
  • Substances packed in wet ice, such as fresh, frozen fish and seafood shipments;
  • Live animals from which liquid can escape (mainly mammals with much excreta);
  • Goods which may produce liquid due to their nature.

With Vietjetair Cargo’ experienced staff in handling wet cargo, all wet shipments are transported in accordance with special requirements for wet cargo.