Cargo Charter

1. How do you get air charter services and what are the advantages?

With the company’s goods need to be transported in large quantities and want to take the initiative in booking flights, it always ensures the departure time and is convenient in arranging the company’s goods. Therefore, businesses will need to choose to rent the entire flight for the most convenience. Vietnam is a developed country and has many important essential supplies for other countries, so the demand for orders has also become popular and increased.

Vietjetair Cargo is a professional carrier and provides the best air charter service in Vietnam. If your company needs to hire a full flight with the best price, please contact us. Vietjetair Cargo always has a contract and provides the best service for your company.


Air Charter Services- Vietjetair Cargo

2. Why You Should Use Air Charter Service?

We would like to list some advantages of chartering a cargo flight as follows:

  • Enterprises will be proactive about the time to transport goods, there will be no situation of booking full seats or having to miss flights due to overload and delay to other flights. By chartering the whole flight to carry their goods, businesses can be assured of time and ensure timely for partners when they need goods urgently to trade seasonal goods.
  • Convenient in arranging goods of various sizes and types of goods. When chartering a full flight, businesses can arrange their goods on the plane at will without having to worry about how the goods are arranged and whether it is safe to be stacked or save money. nooks and crannies for storage. Renting the entire flight, the entire cargo hold is ours. We want to arrange how we want to be very convenient and save space.
  • Cost savings is quite an important factor. Since the business has a fairly large volume of goods and rents a whole trip, the freight will be cheaper when renting a certain number of loads, which is obvious.
  • Safety and efficiency are the ultimate factors in chartering a full flight. In this flight, only the company’s own goods will not be combined with other goods, so the goods will be safer, special goods will be arranged more rationally by the enterprise, so it will be safe and fast. a best performance in the business of the enterprise. Timely delivery will be highly appreciated from partners


Reliable and safe transportation of goods

3. Airplanes for air charter services


The Airbus A321 has a wide fuselage, significantly increasing the cargo area compared to a single aisle aircraft. 

– Cargo load/flight: 13 – 17 tons

– Volume: 78 – 101 m³

Removing seat:

– Cargo load/flight: 17-20 tons

– Volume: 101-119 m³


The Airbus A330 is designed with wide cabin doors, suitable for handling a variety of cargo and pallets. 

Configuration of this aircraft type:

Not removing seats:

– Cargo load/flight: 25-30 tons

– Volume: 150-180 m³

4. Vietjetair Cargo’s Chartered Transport Routes 
Currently, Vietjetair Cargo is selling the service of air charter flight to customers with the following routes:

• Full flight charter from Vietnam to Korea

• Full flight charter from Vietnam to Japan

• Full flight charter from Vietnam to China

• Full flight charter from Vietnam to Thailand

• Full flight charter from Vietnam to other countries in the world.