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Vietjet’s plane landed to save passenger

A passenger on Vietjet Airlines flight VJ083 from Ho Chi Minh City to Brisbane (Australia) on July 31 was treated promptly after the decision to divert the flight and land at Darwin Airport (Australia).

A representative of Vietjet said that while flying from Ho Chi Minh City to Brisbane, an Australian male passenger (born in 1954) had health problems. After receiving information, Vietjet’s captain and crew checked the passenger’s condition, took urgent steps to assist on the flight and decided to divert the aircraft to land at Darwin Airport (Australia). for passengers to receive timely medical assistance.

Vietjet’s A330 Aircraft at Brisbane airport (Australia)

At 6:30 pm (local time) on July 31, after 4 hours and 40 minutes since departure, the aircraft and all passengers landed at Darwin airport. Vietjet has coordinated with authorities at the airport so that passengers can receive medical support and ensure health safety at the nearest medical facility. The passenger’s health condition was stable after receiving timely medical attention, and the passenger’s family sent deep thanks to the crew.

After 50 minutes of refueling, flight VJ083 continued its journey from Darwin to Brisbane at 19:20 (local time) on the same day. The aircraft and all passengers landed in Brisbane at 21:55 (local time).

The flight’s captain shared: “In my tens of thousands of flight hours as a captain, I have always been emotional when my decision was able to timely assist passengers. I and my colleagues will always do our best to serve passengers, who trust and choose to fly with Vietjet.”