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The global aviation industry has recover almost completely

The latest quarterly IATA air connectivity analysis shows that in Q2 of 2023 the majority of countries across the globe have reached or exceeded their pre-pandemic levels of connectivity.

Post pandemic connectivity recovery nearly complete through comparison of air connectivity levels Q2 2023 and Q2 2019

A comparison of the connectivity levels observed in Q2 2019 and Q2 2023 shows how close to full recovery the global aviation industry has come.

A number of countries in Central America, Asia and Africa have already reached the Q2 2019 connectivity levels.

The recovery in Europe has been mixed, with countries such as Germany, Finland and Sweden staying below the 80% connectivity level. This can be linked to some shifts to short haul travel patterns, and also disruption related to the closure of Russian airspace to European airlines.

A particularly strong performance has been seen in Africa, where the connectivity of a number of countries now exceeds that of 2019.

Source: International Air Transport Association (IATA)