SmartKargo – New booking system is with a more beautiful and reliable vision

We would like to thank our customers  for trusting and using our freight services over the past few years

In order to create a new vison for the new booking system with a more beautiful and reliable interface.

Vietjetair Cargo Company has invested in a new system called SmartKargo.

We would inform that SmartKargo System will be Go-Live on May 16,2022

All of customers will be able to log into the system on May 16,2022 and make bookings for flights departing Jun 01, 2022

To ensure all customers can log in to the new system before making an official booking on May 16,2022.

We will allow you to check and complete the login 2 days in advance and will be notified to you detail later.

Old system (CMS) has been working until May 31,2022 and will be not able to book for flights with departure time from June 01,2022

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