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After more than 10 years of development with Vietjet, Vietjet Air Cargo has gradually risen to become the top leading professional transport supplier in Vietnam, a reliable partner of Vietnamese and international logistics community.

With Vietjet Air’s modern fleet, long-range capability and high payload capacity, Vietjet Air Cargo provides a full range of services from ordinary cargo to special categories, from domestic to international markets by passenger flights and independent freighter operations. Constantly improving the management level, Vietjet Air Cargo also applies advanced management systems to bring the best service to meet all the most special transportation requirements, step by step improving the cargo service experience with customers.

Vietjet Air Cargo is continuing to diversify its business fields; Strengthen cooperation, invest in aviation infrastructure, develop logistics technology, work with Vietjet to enhance the value chain and also support industry partners to develop together to new heights.





Vietjetair Cargo JSC

Adress: 60A Truong Son, Ward 2, Tan Binh District, HCMC, Viet Nam

Tel: 028 73003128.

Agent/GSA/Partner Contracts:

Email: sales@vietjetaircargo.com


  • Domestic: Mr. Sang + 84 933 825 092 
  • International: Ms. Hue +84 933 594 409 


  • Domestic: Ms. Ha + 84 917 743 388
  • International: Ms. Lai +84 977 070 092

Booking: confirm/cancel, flight schedule:

Domestic: cs.dom@vietjetaircargo.com

International:  cs.int@vietjetaircargo.com

International Transit: cs.transit@vietjetaircargo.com

Hotline:  +84 888 071 133 / +84 888 671 133  


Email: ar@vietjetaircargo.com , fin@vietjetaircargo.com

Hotline: +84 0912 117 080 / +84 0919 296 070

  • Claims/After sale service:

Email: cs@vietjetaircargo.com

Hotline:  +84 975 919 818

Booking errors/Login credential:

Email: trilm@vietjetaircargo.com

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